Japan is a country East of China and the Korean Penninsula. The capital is Tokyo, which has 14 million people and a sophisticated metro system. It is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms, together with scenery and cultural traditions are Japan's overall distinction. The most stunning mountain peaks is Mount Fuji. 

Japan has excellent dishes, but the most known are, sushi and sake. 

The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, worn on many occasions. You can enjoy Geisha, a person of art wearing kimonos and dancing across the whole of Japan, Kyoto being the best place.

The people of Japan are extremely respectful and generous. 

There are many more astonishing attractions that will definitely captivate your attention from ancient temples/castles like Himeji castle- was the first in Japan to be listed as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage, situated in Hyogo; to some of the tallest, most high-class  buildings in the world; such as Ginza, is one of the city’s finest shopping blocks and there is Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, regarded as the largest fish market in Japan; Tsukiji Market is also a delightful destination for tourists with a massive catalogue of items sold here. 

There are countless number of extremely notable landmards that irresistible to tourists.

Go ahead and visit this beautiful country as soon as possible! 

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