Welcome Beloved Customer Of MapleUni!

MapleUni would like to share with our beloved customers the story about our passion and dreams of the MapleUni founders. MapleUni was nurtured and formed by Louis Bui and Lucy Nguyen, who are successful with certain positions in society in their home country of Vietnam. Their decision to leave behind a comfortable life in their home country to settle in distant Canada is by no means an easy decision, but they always know it is the right decision for their families and children. Their philosophy is that they believe in having one chance to experience what the world has to offer. With their passion for travelling far and wide, they have seen many of the unique cultures and discovered the exciting knowledge they have built up. The idea was formed when they realized that there were many other families and friends who wanted to experience other locations across the globe without the hassle that comes with travelling.

With the enthusiasm and experience of living and working in the field of customer service for more than 20 years, Mr. Louis and Ms. Lucy want to give customers of MapleUni the unique, realistic & relevant customized tour packages with best services. There are tours for business investment, real estate investment, education, health or simply just to learn about culture and cuisine, sightseeing & enjoyment….for all beloved customers.

Our dream at MapleUni is to help customers achieve their desires of travel with a certain purpose, and help inspire many to make life more meaningful and worthy.

If you have any concerns about your trip, don't hesitate to contact MapleUni, we will do our best for you.

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