Experience Beautiful Canada

Being a country famous for its maple leaf symbol, Canada has long attracted tourists thanks to its majestic nature and beautiful scenery; from forests, hills, prairies to countless rivers and lakes.

Not only impressing on nature, Canada's economy is also extremely developed, being one of 10 countries with the highest GDP figures in the world. It is been no coincidence that Canada has captivated many visitors. This place is considered a tourist paradise, combining the modern and ancient beauty that blends among many cultures.

Here are some the focal points of some of the most popular cities that tourists should come to explore:

  • Located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Canada's largest city has many great qualities to offer from multicultural cuisine to vibrant nightlife. A visit to the city’s iconic CN Tower is an absolute must. The mighty Niagara Falls that can't be missed! and many more places to explore. In the summer, you can also go picking cherries, strawberries, or enjoying the outdoors, such as doing fun things on farms.
  • You can also enjoy a lot of activities in the greenest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island; where you can fish lobsters and enjoy fresh lobsters straight from the sea! It's a speciality on the island. You also have the ability to pick apples in the Apple orchards across the island.
  • On arrival in Vancouver, so much to see in downtown Vancouver, you are definitely adored a preliminary overview of the best attractions the city has to offer.
  • The second largest French speaking city in the world is Montréal, there you can explore the highlights of South Montréal, Old Montréal, Downtown and Old Port.The charming city of Quebec City is the historic district and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once there, you can discover the secrets North America's oldest walled city.
  • In Canada's capital city: Ottawa, has a chestful of things to do in just 2 days. The city has most of the nation's museums, many restaurants to dine in, and a shopping centre for your shopping needs. It's also a very compact and pedestrian-friendly city with an easy 20 minute average walk from most attractions, to downtown hotels. You can see all of them in a short amount of time!
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