Taipei (the capital of Taiwan), is a city that has been increasingly recognised in the recent decades. Coming to Taipei, tourists will crave to see the towering Taipei 101 building, it was ranked as the world’s tallest building from 2004-2010.

Ximending is a must go for all you shopaholics; it's similar to New York's 5th Avenue with many stores and entertainment spots that attracts all kinds of people. It's also the first pedestrian only zone in Taiwan.

Shilin Night Market is a market like no other: it blooms at night with food stalls and small restaurants, cinemas and arcades.Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a national monument dedicated to Chiang Kai-shek (former President of Taiwan). It consists of a prominently white building with blue, octagonal roofs.

You must visit Maokong hill if you want a cup of tea, you can also see the whole city of Taipei from the edge of the Taipei Basin.Many come to Yangmingshan National Park to see nature's beauty; here also lies Taiwan's tallest dormant volcano: The Seven Star Mountain. Many wild animal species live here.

Enjoy the Beitou Hot Springs, a place known for its sulphur and the healing properties that come with it. It has become a resort for many to relax in.

Longshan Temple is one of the oldest temples in Taipei made by the first Chinese settlers. It's also the centre of Taipei's oldest district: Wanhua.

Xingtian Temple is a temple dedicated to Guan Yu (the patron god of businessmen). Many Taiwanese businessmen also come here to pay thanks for their fortunes. This temple is 7000 square metres and is topped with majestic dragons.

We'll guide you to discover Taipei in all of its glory! 

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