Experience Amazing Asia

Join us on an unforgettable holiday in Asia and let mapleUni bring you extensive experiences and breathtaking moments you just won’t find anywhere else!

Asia is a continent that is filled with infinite activities, mouth-watering food, spectacular sights and landmarks, and a trip to remember forever!

Some of the earliest and developed of civilisations lay here. Asia holds a gate to the past of humanity along with its beauty. Some monuments such as Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China show the dedication humans have made.

Food is unmatched in this continent than any other. Many of the delicious cuisines you taste is only half the menu, like crab noodle soup. Once you try food made by the locals and many others you might not know. You can never forget the flavour of these foods.

It's not just human influences that make Asia what it is, the landscape of Asia from the peak of Mount Fuji to the depths of the Three Gorges Dam in China or even offshore in Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam.

Asia is an extremely unique continent with a lot of varieties. It's a must see once in your life!

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