Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a Southeast Asian country, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand.Myanmar is full of temples, big and small.

Myanmar's culture and scenery are very interesting and the people are very friendly! 

Bagan city is a must-visit city in Myanmar, popular for its great number of temples and large pagodas.Yangon (ancient capital) is the old capital of Myanmar and is always recommended to see.

Colourful festivals are the highlight of this lovely country.

Fortune-telling is also one of the appealing characteristics in the traditional culture of Myanmar that captivate many tourists.Top of Mandalay hill is a sight to view during dawn or dusk!

You must not miss your venture to go to the top of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (the Golden Rock Temple) to see the beautiful scenery that will bring any mind to peace.

The outmost famous in Myanmar are gemstones and pearls with plenty of different shapes and sizes, tourists can buy them home as gifts to their loved ones.

Myanmar's signature food is a must try, with many traditional dishes such as Shan noodles, parata cakes or tea leaf salad.Try out traditional Burmese costumes with longyi and tamain dresses for an authentic look.

You should discover everything that makes Myanmar fascinating! 

We'll make your dream experience possible!

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